Power of God

God's power, as shown throughout creation and in each of our lives; power from God; power of the Holy Spirit (See also strength)

"Great is our Lord and mighty in power" Psalm 147:5


Can You Control It?

The children learn to ask the Lord to intervene on their behalf when they are facing turbulent times.

Comic Strip Story: A Girl Brought Back To Life

The children will create a comic style summary of a Bible story where a girl is brought back to life.

For A Purpose

The children will make a visual aid to help them remember that God creates everyone and everything for a purpose, which is to bring Him glory.

Holy Balloon

A person who is not filled with the Holy Spirit is like a deflated balloon: lifeless, limp and not much fun.

Lord Of Life

The children will come up with as many words as they can by using the phrase "Lord of Life."

Power Of The Tongue

Through this activity, children will learn the power behind Jesus' words and their own words.

Power Source

There are many different sources of power in the world today; what is your power source?

Unseen Power

God's unseen power: what would we do without it?

What Brings God's Wrath?

Search through the Bible to discover why God pours out his wrath on some.


Army Of One

We serve a mighty God who is an Army of One. This bulletin boards shows the children how God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit work together as one.

Out Of This World

Children will begin to see the vastness of how wonderful Jesus is with this display.


Elohim's Power

The children will make a craft about God’s power.

Storms Of Life

The children will create a visual aid to help them remember that Jesus can calm the storms in their lives.


Muddy Miracle

Children have fun playing a different version of Pin The Tail On The Donkey, which helps them remember the account of Jesus healing a blind man.



After completing this lesson, the children will understand that God created the heavens and the earth.

Depending On God

After completing this lesson, the children will understand how they must depend on God in the same way Jesus depended on His father in Heaven.


The children will learn how God provided for His people in a special place called Egypt.


God is full of strength and power.

Faith Of The Centurion

Through an event that takes place in the New Testament, children will learn what it means to have faith in Jesus, and they will see how the Power of God works in the lives of those who believe in Him.

God Is All Around Me

In this lesson, children learn how God is everywhere. No matter where they are, God is there to protect and guide them.

In Awe Of God

Through this lesson, children learn that we can take comfort in knowing that God is in control.

Jairus' Daughter

This lesson will teach children that Jesus’ power has no limits!

Jesus Calms The Storm

In this lesson, the children will see how Jesus has authority over all things. Nothing is impossible with Him.

Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

God’s healing power is demonstrated throughout this lesson. Additionally, children learn the importance of praising Him with a thankful heart.

Jesus Heals The Blind

In this lesson, the children will see that everything and everyone has a purpose in bringing glory to God. They will discover how Jesus’ miracles bring glory to God as well.

Parting The Red Sea

After completing this Sunday school lesson, the children will see that God is a God of miracles and that His power and might sustains us each day.

The Fall Of Jericho

In this lesson, children will learn that it is foolish to trust in our own strength; rather, we should trust in the Power of God.

The Pool At Bethesda

This lesson teaches children that Jesus’ words have the power to heal.



Using the proper tools empowers us both physically and spiritually.

Holy Spirit Power

With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can do great things for the kingdom of God, but without it we are powerless.

Never Runs Out

The power of the Holy Spirit is an everlasting gift that never runs out.

Not A Chance

An object lesson to demonstrate the truth of creation and the power of God.

Parting The Waters

A science object talk to show that God's miracles are truly miraculous.

Plugged In

A simple Object Talk to show that unless we are plugged in or connected to Jesus, we can do nothing.

Power Of Prayer

When God is with us, who can be against us?

The Long And Short Of It

How long is your power cord? Do you have what it takes to tap into God's power?

Unseen Faith

This object talk demonstrates how faith in our Lord can help us from being crushed by fear.


God Knows Everything

(Word Search) God knows the secrets of our hearts, our thoughts, how we were made; He knows everything. In this word search, children find words from key verses about God's knowledge.

God The Creator

(Cryptogram) When children finish decoding the puzzle, they learn that God is the creator of all things.

How To Live A Godly Life

(Cross-out) Children cross out words that are the names of animals, colors, and numbers to reveal the encouraging message of 2 Peter 1:3

Jairus' Daughter Is Alive

(Word Search) The children will learn the details of one of Jesus’ miracles.

Tangram Verse Puzzle

"I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing" (John 15:5). This verse is written on a Tangram, an ancient baffling puzzle kids can solve.

Wall Of Jericho

(Word Scramble) Children unscramble words found in the story about the fall of Jericho.


Depend On God

Part 2: Sofia has a hard time being humble and must turn to God for help. (A skit for three)

One Out Of Ten

This skit teaches children to exercise their faith and give praise to the Lord. (Skit for two or eleven.)

The Hamsters' Great Escape

The exodus from Egypt, as told by one family's pets (Skit for two)


David And Goliath

(Audio Available) A song about the power of God found in David as he faced the fearless giant named Goliath. Sung to the tune “The Ants Go Marching.”

Mighty Men

This song about some mighty men of the Bible will soon become a favorite Sung to the march “Seventy Six Trombones.”