Hardened Heart

Stubbornness leading to disobedience or acting contrary to God's Will (See also anger)

"Blessed is the man who always fears the Lord, but he who hardens his heart falls into trouble." Proverbs 28:14


Soft Or Hard Heart?

God wants us to have soft hearts, which are ready to be used for His purposes.


Don't Reject God's Call (Balaam)

After completing this lesson, children will learn the importance of putting their complete trust in God and His everlasting promises. Children will also come to understand the importance of following God wholeheartedly.

Pharaoh's Last Chance

This Sunday school lesson teaches children to look for God's warnings about bad behavior and how we can benefit when we listen to and obey God.

Seeds That Fall On Rocky Places

This second lesson, of a series of four, about the parable of the sower will help the children discover how truly wonderful the Word of God is, and how we must not let fear and the temptations of this world take it away.


A Heart For Jesus

The Holy Spirit can reach our heart no matter how much we may have sinned.

Hardened Heart

Being able to spin an egg that has been hard-boiled will show the kids how a hardened heart makes it difficult to resist the devil.

Soak It In

Someone with a soft heart will soak up the Word of God. On the other hand, the Word of God rolls right off someone with a hardened heart.

Tinder Foot

An illustration of hardened soles and tinder care.

Vine And Branches

The children will realize how important it is to remain in God.


The Passover

This is a skit about three families during the time God sent the tenth and most devastating plague to Egypt, when Pharaoh finally let His people go. (Skit for nine)


The Plague Song

(Audio Available) A catchy little song about the plagues of Egypt that can be sung to the tune of "This Old Man". Music by Rich Nelson Music