Tinder Foot

An illustration on hardened soles and tinder care.


 Hardened heart, joy, obedience, prayer, worship


Sandal or shoe
Sock, lotion
Nail clippers


Approximately 10 minutes



Set up all the items on a table within view of all the children.


How many of you love to go barefoot in the summer? (Allow for responses.) Going barefoot provide our feet with a sense of freedom. It's great to feel the grass between your toes when you walk across a well-manicured lawn. However, what happens the first few times you step off into rocky areas or onto blistering hot concrete? (Allow for responses.) Most of us will want to quickly return to the nice soft grass. The longer we go barefoot, the more we expose the soles of our feet to the harsh elements of the natural world. Little by little our feet become hardened and soon we can walk barefoot across rocks or hot concrete without giving it a second thought. Calluses, cuts, and scars on the feet can be common among those who go barefoot for an extended period. Thankfully, there are ways to protect the soles of our feet and even correct the damage we've done by going barefoot.

Did you know the sole of our feet have something in common with our hearts or spiritual souls? It's true, just as we can harden the soles of feet to things in nature, we can harden our hearts towards God. Sin hardens the heart and draw us away from God. Thankfully, God provides a way to protect our hearts and correct the damage we've done by sinning.

The objects will represent the following:

Object Benefit Spiritual Correlation
Sandal or shoe Protection Grace, Holy Spirit, Bible, Prayer
Sock Warmth Relationship with God, Christian Friends, Caring for others
Lotion Softens and soothes Bible Study, Faith, Joy, Trust, Worship
Nail Clippers Removes sharp areas Godly obedience, Fellowship, Counsel of godly people

Our heart or soul can become hardened spiritually when we sin. We need to take care to nurture our souls and this is best accomplished by following the directions our creator, the Lord God, has provided for us in His Word. The Bible warns us of those things which will harden our hearts and provides us with many examples on how we can protect our hearts and correct the damage sin has done in our lives.