Who is John the Baptist?

(Word Scramble) Children look up verses and unscramble words to discover other names and descriptions given to John the Baptist.


John the Baptist    


Word puzzle for each child [PDF] Click here  Solution
Word puzzle in KJV [PDF] Click here  Solution
Pencils or markers


Approximately 10 minutes

John the Baptist


Give each child a pencil or a marker and a copy of the word scramble puzzle. Have the children read the paragraph at the top of the page and then unscramble the words shown. Each verse reference provided contains the scrambled word. After the children finish their puzzle, talk about the different titles and descriptions given to John the Baptist. 

Discussion Questions: (Optional)
1. What does each of these titles or descriptions tell you about John the Baptist?
      A voice in the wilderness (or desert)
      A horn of salvation
      A prophet of the Most High
      A witness to the light
2. What is most interesting to you about John the Baptist?