LESSON 1: Seeds that Fall on the Path

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This first Sunday school lesson of a series about the parable of the sower will help the children discover how truly wonderful the Word of God is, and how we must keep it close to our hearts with truth and understanding. We must not let the evil one snatch it away.


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AS KIDS ARRIVE (15 minutes)

Have six or seven different types of seeds on the table. For example, you could have watermelon, orange, apple, grass, flower, acorn, and pumpkin.

As the children arrive, have them examine the seeds on the table, and have them guess what types of seeds are displayed. Just before class starts, tell the children what types of seeds are on the table. Ask the kids how they think something as small as a watermelon seed can grow into such a delicious fruit. How can an acorn planted in the dirt and watered grow into an Oak tree?
One visitor, Mike, suggested that it would also be helpful to have different types of soil available. You should place the variety of soils in separate cups and label them accordingly. For example, you might have cups labeled, “Good Soil,” “Rocks,” and “Sand.” Ask the children which soil would be best for the seeds.


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MEMORY WORK (12 minutes)

"Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone." Mark 16:15 NLT
Ask voluteers to read Mark 16:15 from their Bibles. Expalin that this verse tells us to go into the world and plant some spiritual seeds.


Today we will start a lesson series on the parable of the sower. Sower is another name for farmer. We will follow four different groups of seeds throughout this lesson series. We see that although Jesus was speaking about seeds in the parable, the story really applies to people. Today we will see how the seeds that fell on the path are like people that have no interest in God.

Matthew 13:3-4,19 (Parable of the Sower - seed that fell on the path)
Give each child a copy of the handout (Click here for handout) or have the kids find Matthew 13:3-4,19 in their Bibles. Ask for volunteers to read the passage or if you prefer, read it aloud to the children yourself.

Discussion Questions:
1. What does sow mean? What is another name for someone who sows seeds? (Plant, farmer.)
2. In our story today, where did the seeds fall? (On the path.)
3. What happened to the seed that fell on the path? (Birds came and ate it up.)
4. Will we get to heaven by just hearing the Good News about Jesus? (No, we must receive the Good News, and then ask God to forgive us.)
5. Does the evil one (Satan) try to steal God's message from our hearts? (Yes!)
6. Why would the evil one want us to forget God's message? (So we won't follow and worship God.)
7. How can we keep from forgetting God's message? (Read our Bibles, pray to God, Worship God.)

CLASS EXERCISE (10 minutes)

The Garden Club (Story) Click here


Sow the Word (Song) Click here

APPLICATION (2 minutes)

God knows we have a lot to learn and that we may not understand everything in the Bible. God wants us to make the effort to learn more about Him by reading our Bibles and by praying. God will gladly give us knowledge and understanding if we seek Him. There are some people that have no desire to learn more about God, these people are like the seeds that fall on the path.


Did you ever have a water gun fight with a rock? Be sure to come back next week! 

CLOSING PRAYER (2 minutes)

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Give one copy to each child at the end of the class to take home. Click here for NLT or KJV [PDF]