An offering that is given in worship to God (See also offering, giving)

A sacrifice is giving up something you love for someone you love even more.


Breaking Bread

Children learn to appreciate some of the customs practiced during the time of Jesus by participating in a Passover feast.

Give It Up

Children identify areas in their lives that they need to give up, so they can offer themselves to God as living sacrifices.

Good Samaritan

(Coloring Page) Jesus wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves. (Luke 10:25-37)

Thinking BIG With God

The children will learn how God uses each person in unique ways for His purpose.


Bread Of Life

Children make an edible treat which represents the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross.

Empty Tomb

A stained glass craft that reminds children that Jesus has risen!

Hearts On A Cross

A sweet craft to help the kids remember that Jesus loved them so much, He gave up His life on a cross.

Love Like Jesus

The children will create a Valentine’s Day hanging about true, Biblical love.

Palm Leaf Cross

Children make a cross from a palm leaf to help remind them of the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us.


Serve The One True God

Children will have fun learning about different ways to serve God.

Who Wants Beans?

The children will have fun as they learn about poverty, greed, and giving while playing a game.


A Cheerful Giver

This lesson illustrates the attitude we should have when we give our money or our time.

A Living Sacrifice

In this lesson, the children will learn that to be just like Jesus, they must give their whole self to God and become a pleasing offering to Him. As Jesus sacrificed His life for our sins, so that we may have everlasting life, we must also become "Living Sacrifices", holy and pleasing to God.

Given To The Lord

Children learn the importance of giving themselves to the Lord at an early age, and dedicating their lives to honoring God in everything that they do.

God's Partner

In this lesson, the children will discover that Nehemiah put the needs of his people and the need to serve God over his own interests and comfortable lifestyle.

Love Like Jesus

The children will learn that Jesus gives us the best example of true love.

Restoration To The Poor

In this lesson, the children will discover that the people in Jerusalem needed to recognize the state of their hearts by seeing their actions were not lined up with God’s Word.

The Cup Of God's Wrath

After completing this lesson, the children will be challenged to live sacrificially by demonstrating Jesus' love to those around them.

The Good Samaritan

Through this lesson, children will learn that at times we may have to make sacrifices in our own lives in order to help others. Jesus wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves.


This three lesson series teaches children the importance of giving back to God with their tithes, talents, and service.

Unlimited Chances

In this lesson, the children learn that because Jesus sacrificed Himself for us, God gives us unlimited chances to start over when we truly repent.


Filthy Rags

Can we, being like filthy rags, ever become completely clean? With Jesus we can!

Sin Gets Heavy

The weight of our own sin is hard for us to bear, but Jesus bore the sins of the world.


Jesus And The Soldiers

(Maze) The children will complete a maze and learn about Jesus’ crucifixion.

Nehemiah's Jerusalem

(Word Scramble) Students unscramble the names of the city gates that Nehemiah and his friends repaired.

What We Are Called To Be

(Word Fill-in) Children find out what they can become according to Romans 12:1 when they have Godly attitudes.


Joy Of Sacrifice

Part 4: Sofia discovers the joy of serving food to others, after some confusion about who will enjoy the meal. (A skit for three)