Peer Pressure

Temptation to do what others your age or status are doing

Why did the first monkey fall from the tree? (It was dead.)
Why did the second monkey fall from the tree? (It was tied to the first monkey)
Why did the third monkey fall from the tree? (Peer Pressure)


Blended Influence

An activity to demonstrate how friends can affect the way we behave.

Crumple It!

Children identify sin and then “crumple” its influence in their lives.

Do Friends Matter?

Bad company corrupts good character, so choose your friends wisely

Escaping Peer Pressure

The children will learn how biblical figures handled peer pressure.

Palm Branch Or Nail

The children will identify positive and negative responses to peer pressure.

Stand Up, Speak Up!

The children will practice identifying ungodly directives and acting on their faith.

Stand Your Ground

A lesson on doing what's right, even if no one else will.


A Cry For A King

This lesson illustrates the importance of waiting on God's timing and the consequences of not trusting God to provide for our needs.

Friends For Life

After completing this lesson, the children will understand the importance of developing godly friendships.

The Crowd

In this lesson, children learn that Jesus encountered crowds with drastically different responses to His position as God’s Son.


Friends Rub Off

By coloring in with pencil large letters that spell FRIENDS, you will show how friends, whether they are good or bad, can easily rub off on you.

Incredible Strength

How can you gain the strength to stand up to the pressures and temptations of this world? This object lesson shows how.

Sweetness Of Jesus

It is much easier for a Christian to handle the pressures of this world when they have the sweetness of Jesus inside.

Take A Chance

Life has many pitfalls but with God's help we can avoid many of them.


Characters Of Easter - The Crowd

(Crossword) The children will complete a puzzle, using their Bibles, to learn about the crowd's conflicting opinions of Jesus.


Watch My Back

Sometimes things aren't what they seem, but we can always trust in the Lord for strength and understanding. (A skit for four or more persons)