God's help, helping others (See also serving)

"If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble." - Bob Hope
"The LORD is with me; he is my helper." Psalm 118:7a


Always Do Good

The children will identify ways to do good for others.

Care Package

Children unscramble words to complete sentences that describe ways they can care for others. These are then added to a care package.

Care Package For The Homeless

The children will enjoy helping the less fortunate while they prepare care bags for the homeless.

Free To Help

The children will discover free ways to help others by reading scripture verses.

Good Samaritan

(Coloring Page) Jesus wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves. (Luke 10:25-37)

Help And Comfort

God's Word tells us to remember to do good, to share what we have, and to look after the needs of others.

Helper Keys

The children will identify actions that “unlock” hearts for the Lord.

Helper Pizza

The children will identify ways to help others with specific needs.

Protective Helpers

The children will act out scenarios to practice being protective helpers.

Verse Connection

Many verses in the Bible can help people with a particular problem or fear in their lives. Kids will decide which verse is best suited for six different situations.

When We Give Together

What may be impossible for one person to do is possible when believers give together. This activity shows the importance of teamwork.

Who Hid The Spies?

Children search for letters to decipher the answer to the question, "Who hid the spies?"

You Helped Me

The world can be a lonely place; wouldn't it be nice if each of us cared for one another?


Consider The Birds

A craft to show how God provides for those He loves in special ways.

Father's Day Coupon Book

Children complete a special Father’s day craft to honor their fathers, grandfathers, or other male role models in their lives.

God's Reward

The children will identify God’s rewards for obedience.

Joseph Helps Jesus

The children will create a summary to recount Joseph of Arimathea’s service to Jesus.

Love And Kindness Coupons

Not only a craft, but also a thoughtful gift for someone special. Easy to assemble but packed with love and kindness.

Seven Good Years - Seven Bad Years

Children create a colorful grain silo to demonstrate the seven good years and seven bad years during the time of Joseph.

Where Did Rahab Hide The Spies?

When finished, this craft becomes a game students can play with friends.


Who Wants Beans?

The children will have fun as they learn about poverty, greed, and giving while playing a game.



Helpers are willing to protect others from harm.

Esther Helps God's People

After completing this lesson, the children will see that we should never place our own happiness above the needs of others.

Father's Day - Go And Do

In this lesson, the children will learn about the importance of honoring their word and following through in obedience even when they do not feel like it.

Heavenly Treasures

This lesson will help the children learn what it means to store up treasures in Heaven, where they will last forever, instead of on earth where they will soon disappear.

Joseph Helps Pharaoh

Children learn that when they choose to follow God's Will, especially during times of difficulty or hardship, they build character, and the ability to serve the Lord even more.

Joseph Of Arimathea

God’s servants are willing to help others even when faced with a tough or challenging circumstance.

Rahab Helps The Spies

In this lesson, children will learn about a woman named Rahab. The students will see how Rahab's decision to help God's people saved her life and the life of her family.

Restoration To The Poor

In this lesson, the children will discover that the people in Jerusalem needed to recognize the state of their hearts by seeing their actions were not lined up with God’s Word.


Children learn that God’s helpers remain faithful, even during difficult times.


Children learn that God’s helpers will receive His rewards.

The Good Samaritan

Through this lesson, children will learn that at times we may have to make sacrifices in our own lives in order to help others. Jesus wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

We Can Help One Another

Through this lesson children will learn that there are a lot of ways that children can help others in the community, whether it be at home, school or church.


Light Of The World

We are the light of the world, but what kind of light are we?

No Leftovers

This Object talk shows how God provides for all people, wealthy or poor.


Let your light shine and shine and shine.

Why Struggle?

Without Jesus, even some of the simplest things in life become quite difficult.


Secret Message: Joseph Of Arimathea

(Word Fill-in) The children will use their bibles to discover a secret message about helping others.


Help Or No Help?

A skit about three boys who realize through a little humility to give credit to whom the credit is due. (A skit for four persons)

Joe And Sons: A Modern Parable

Here’s a silly twist on the story of "The parable of the Two Sons" found in Matthew 21:28-30.

Tabitha Comes Back To Life

Children act out the story of the Bible character, Tabitha.