The Bible teaches that God is the creator of all things

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1


Biblical Tapestries

Help your lesson or story come alive with a beautiful wall tapestry.

Hold It Together

The children will reassemble objects to learn that Jesus holds everything together.

Made By God

Experience the wonder and awe of God's creation.

Not Really A Puzzle

Living things come in many forms. People, animals, fish, trees and flowers are all different. How this happened is no puzzle, God created everything.


Consider God's Wonders

With this colorful bulletin board, children take time to stop and consider God's many wonders, as suggested in Job 37:14

Different People

We live in a world made up of many different people from many different backgrounds, nationalities and lifestyles. God loves everyone. Children must learn to respect and love each other, because God loves all of us.

God Created

A cheerful reminder that God created the universe and that God created us.

Out Of This World

Children will begin to see the vastness of how wonderful Jesus is with this display.


My Own Little World

This craft will help children realize the fun God must have had creating the universe.

Seven Days Of Creation

A little book with a big message.


Give God The Glory

A matching game that teaches children to glorify God.


God Knows Me

In this lesson, children learn how special they are because God created them in His image, and God knows their innermost thoughts from beginning to end.

God Made Me

So many people, especially people who are not Christians, reject the idea of creation. In this lesson the children can see the wonderful creation of God through their own selves as David did when he wrote Psalm 139.


The book of Genesis is one of the most read books of the Bible. From creation to the life of Joseph, Genesis is the book of beginnings. Lessons in this series explore the creation of heaven and earth, the fall of man, the great flood, God's promise to Abraham, and the faith of his decendants leading to the twelve tribes of Israel.


Not A Chance

An object lesson to demonstrate the truth of creation and the power of God.

Open Book

Like an open book, God knows everything about our whole lives, from beginning to end and everything in between.


God The Creator

(Cryptogram) When children finish decoding the puzzle, they learn that God is the creator of all things.


The Fall

A short skit about the time Adam & Eve disobeyed God. (Skit for five)


Seven Days Of Creation

(Audio Available) A simple song to learn that will help children remember the Seven days of Creation. Sung to the tune of "Do Re Mi.”