To accept as truth, to trust or have faith; belief in God; a step towards Salvation.

"Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed ae those who have not seen and yet have believed."
John 20:29


Can We Believe What We Cannot See?

This activity demonstrates what faith is and how to increase it.

Comic Strip Story: A Girl Brought Back To Life

The children will create a comic style summary of a Bible story where a girl is brought back to life.

Do You Believe?

This activity demonstrates children's ability to believe in things they have not seen, to show how they can believe in an unseen God.

Head Or Heart Knowledge

This activity helps students get a better understanding of the difference between “Head Knowledge” and “Heart Knowledge.”

Healing Cards

Children play a matching game that deals with the subject of healing and find that the Lord is our ultimate healer.

Making God's Word Personal

A great exercise that helps personalize God's message to us.

Power Of The Tongue

Through this activity, children will learn the power behind Jesus' words and their own words.

Thinking BIG With God

The children will learn how God uses each person in unique ways for His purpose.

What Do You Trust?

We place our trust in many different things, but do we place our trust where it matters most?

What's In Your Wallet?

The children will create an ID card to help them remember that their citizenship is in Heaven.


Miracles Of Jesus

Jesus performed many miracles to help us believe He is the Christ, the Son of God. This colorful bulletin board helps the children remember seven special miracles.

Salvation Railroad

All aboard the Salvation Railroad! A quick reminder of the different steps every child should understand before being baptized. You can easily create this bulletin board using basic shapes.


Fill The Jars

A fast-paced game that introduces children to the first miracle performed by Jesus.

Get Up And Walk

The children will play a game to remind them that Jesus has the power to heal.

Preaching And Believing

Children learn firsthand how difficult it was for some people to believe the message John the Baptist preached.


A Reputation Of Faith

Children learn that faith is the key to finding courage

Ask And Receive

The children will learn that asking, seeking, and knocking will lead to answered prayers.

Believe And Don’t Doubt

This lesson teaches children that believing in Gods power to answer prayers is important.

Heaven Is A Free Gift

After completing this Sunday school lesson, the children will understand that it is impossible for someone to get to Heaven on his or her own efforts. The next two lessons address the issues that all persons are sinners and this sin causes separation from God. The last two lessons explain how God sent His only Son to pay the price for our sins and how it is by placing our trust in Jesus alone that we can be saved.

Jairus' Daughter

This lesson will teach children that Jesus’ power has no limits!

Jesus Heals A Paralytic

Through this lesson, children learn that Jesus is more concerned with our spiritual condition than He is with our physical well being.

Jesus Is The Answer

In this Sunday school lesson, the children will discover that Jesus is God's answer to our sin. They will learn that Jesus died on the cross for us, and purchased our place in Heaven. Jesus got what he did not deserve, to keep us from getting what we do deserve, that is eternal death and separation from God.

Jesus Walks On Water

Through this lesson, children will learn that there will be times in life when our faith is tested. Life will not always be easy, and we will need to let our faith in God help keep us afloat during the difficult times in our lives.

Raising Of Lazarus

Through this lesson children will be introduced to the concepts of resurrection and eternal life. They get a glimpse of the power that will be fully displayed during the final resurrection when all the deceased hear Jesus' voice and rise from the dead.

The Pool At Bethesda

This lesson teaches children that Jesus’ words have the power to heal.

The Thief On The Cross

God’s helpers choose to speak the truth.

Water Into Wine

In this lesson, children learn that the Lord cares about all of our needs, however seemingly insignificant, when He turns the ordinary into the exceptional for His glory.

We Can Believe In Jesus

After completing this lesson, the children will understand that truly believing in Jesus means to believe He is who He claims to be, and that He is the Lord of all.

Woman At The Well

This lesson teaches children that our testimony about Jesus will help others believe Jesus is the Savior of the world.


In God We Trust

A nation or a people that trusts in God is wise indeed.

One Way Or Many?

God tells us there is only one way to get to Heaven.

Snatch The Stone

It is comforting to know we can trust God to keep us safe.

Soak It In

Someone with a soft heart will soak up the Word of God. On the other hand, the Word of God rolls right off someone with a hardened heart.

The Big Picture

God is orchestrating beautiful and complex things all around us.

True Belief

We can believe with certainty Jesus is the Son of God, similar to the way we believe airplanes can fly.


First Miraculous Sign

(Word Scamble) Jesus comes to the rescue and performs His first miracle. Kids unscramble key words associated with John 2:1-11.

Help Lazarus Unwind

(Maze) It is amazing; Jesus has raised Lazarus from the dead!

Jairus' Daughter Is Alive

(Word Search) The children will learn the details of one of Jesus’ miracles.

Lazarus Come Forth

(Word Scramble) Unscramble the words found in the story about the resurrection of Lazarus.

Miracle Scramble

(Word Scramble) We can believe Jesus is the Son of God by the many miracles He performed.

The Pool Of Bethesda

(Crossword) Kids learn about Jesus' power to heal while doing a crossword puzzle based on John 5:1-15.

The Power Of Prayer

(Cryptogram) Children decode the verse to find out what happens when they pray.

Wall Of Jericho

(Word Scramble) Children unscramble words found in the story about the fall of Jericho.


Fix It

A mini skit that introduces the children to Nehemiah's mission from God. (Skit for two.)

I Believe In Jesus

Sharing your faith is not always easy, but remember, Jesus is always there to help. (Skit for five persons)


If we don't care about those who are lost, who will? (Skit for three persons)

The Hamsters' Great Escape

The exodus from Egypt, as told by one family's pets (Skit for two)


Straight Down From Heaven My God Came

(Audio Available) A song about God's perfect gift of salvation for all mankind. Sung to the tune “Up On The Housetop"


Don't Get Hooked

(Storybook Available) A young fish finds that sin comes with a high price!

The Garden Club

A story about how one girl's desire for perfection prevented her from participating in the big event.

Too Strong For You

A story about a boy who finds that true strength comes from the Lord.