Ten Commandments Rap

This clever song will help the children learn the Ten Commandments, and can be sung to a variety of rap beats. Lyrics by Nancy L. Tavarez, Hope Lutheran Sunday School - Orlando Florida


Ten Commandments


Song sheet [PDF] Click here


Approximately 5 minutes

Moses and the Ten Commadments

Commandment #1 says there’s only one God above,
So give him all the glory,
So give him all your love.

Commandment #2 tells us that idols are bad,
because they make God mad.
The punishment will be so sad.

Commandment #3 says do not misuse his name,
The Lord God is holy.
Don’t take His name in vain.

Commandment #4 says that just one time a week,
To keep the Sabbath holy,
His great presence you should seek.

Commandment #5 tells you to honor Mom and Dad,
If you don’t it won’t go well for you,
You’ll be wishing that you had.

Commandment #6 says do not ever kill,
We are all made in God’s likeness.
So spread peace ‘cause it’s God’s will.

Do not commit adultery, is Commandment #7,
One man, one woman forever,
until we get to Heaven.

Commandment #8 says don’t take what isn’t yours,
You know if you’re caught stealing,
They’ll be slamming steel bar doors.

Commandment #9, about your neighbor do not lie,
Love your neighbor as yourself,
Telling a fib, it just won’t fly.

Don’t covet what your neighbor has, is commandment #10,
Think you’re being perfect in life,
Then study these words again.

Say Hey, Ho,
Say Hey, Ho,
Say Hey, Ho,
Say Yeah, that’s God’s commandments.