Power of Forgiveness

The story of Joseph, the broken video game, and the power of forgiveness.
(Skit for one or two: Person, Clarence.)


Forgiveness, Joseph


1 puppet or you can tell the story using two different voices.
Skit handout [PDF] Click here


Approximately 8 minutes

  colorful coat

Person What's up Clarence? You look a little angry.
Clarence Humph, I'm not very happy right now.
Person Well, tell me what happened to make you so unhappy.
Clarence Last night Billy came over to play with my new Playstation game. It was brand new and he scratched it all up and now it doesn't work anymore.
Person Well that does seem very unfortunate, but I'm sure Billy didn't mean it.
Clarence Well he did say it was an accident and he was sorry...but I can't forgive him, it was my favorite game, Frogger!
Person You know that reminds me of a story in the Bible.
Clarence Frogger reminds you of a story in the Bible?
Person No silly, the forgiving part.
Clarence Oh!
Person This story was about a young boy who was very special in his father's eyes.
Clarence Daniel was special.
Person True, but this is a story about Joseph, one of the 12 sons of Jacob. Jacob loved his son Joseph so much, he made him a very special coat of many colors.
Clarence I bet it was beautiful.
Person It was and Joseph loved his coat very much. But his eleven other brothers became very jealous. They didn't get a beautiful coat.
Clarence So, what did they do?
Person What they did was very cruel. First they put Joseph in a deep hole to die, but then decided to sell him instead to some merchants traveling to Egypt.
Clarence I bet Joseph was really angry.
Person He was at first, just like you are angry now, but he also loved God.
Clarence So what happened?
Person Joseph made his home in Egypt and soon became an important person there. One day God told him in a dream that there would be great famine in the land. Do you know what a famine is?
Clarence I think that is where there is nothing to eat.
Person That's right and this famine was going to last for seven years.
Clarence Wow! That's a long time, everyone would starve to death.
Person Yes, but Pharaoh was no dummy. He let Joseph get ready for the famine by storing large amounts of food to eat later. Finally, the famine came and Joseph's brothers ran out of food....
Clarence ...So they tried to get some food from Joseph?
Person Yes they did.
Clarence But he was still angry and wouldn't give them any. Get away he said, starve to death, go...
Person Hold on Clarence (Hand over mouth), that's not what happened. He forgave them and shared the food because he realized that God had planned the whole thing. Because of his brothers, Joseph went to Egypt and was able to save all of them from starving to death. You see God knows what is best for us even when we don't and when we learn to forgive others in our hearts, He can do great things for us.
Clarence I guess Joseph did the right thing by forgiving his brothers. I better forgive Billy too. Maybe then God will help me win at Frogger.
Person Well, that's not quite what I'm saying, but anyway, it's a good start to forgive Billy.
Clarence Yeah, he is my best friend.