Not What I Wanted

Let your light shine in the darkness, and help set some captives free. 
(Skit for four: Julie, Sam, Frank and Mary.)


Bible, Christmas, Feelings, Happiness, Giving, Word of God


4 snack lunches
A table and four chairs.
Skit handout [PDF] Click here


Approximately 8 minutes


(Julie, Sam, Frank & Mary are sitting at a table in the school cafeteria eating lunch)
Julie So! Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas?
Sam Yeah, this year we all made a killing!
Frank My Grandparents really love to spoil me! It's great!
Mary This was the best Christmas I ever had. It was so good!
Frank Okay, so who'll go first, let's hear about all those newly acquired treasures!
Julie Well, I sure didn't get everything I wanted for Christmas. My Grandma gave me an old, wooden, hand me down, chest. She said it was a "Hope Chest." Yeah right, the only hope I had was that there would be something better inside. There wasn't!
Sam Hmmm, I can relate, this year I got a lot of clothes and only a couple toys. My parents thought I'd be more interested in clothes at "my age." Worst yet my Uncle Jim gave me a savings bond. (sigh) What a waste...
Frank (Laugh) Well like I said my Grandparents really love to spoil me! They got me the new video game system. Only bad thing is there are only a couple games out for it right now, which of course I got, but I'm already bored with it. I hope they make some new games soon.
Julie Come on Mary tell us what you got, you must have made a haul. You said it was your best Christmas ever!
Mary I didn't get that many presents, but I did get one really special gift.
Sam, Julie, Frank Ooooh cool, what was it?
Mary (Big smile) A Bible!
Frank A Bible? How can that be a cool gift!
Mary The Bible my mom and dad gave me is a newly acquired treasure. In fact it's a gift that keeps on giving. The Bible is the best. It showed me how I can have a real relationship with God, how much God's Son Jesus loves us and how we can get to Heaven. It's like a hope chest filled with love, joy, peace and wisdom. The stories are real and so exciting, you'll never get tired of reading them.
Julie Wow, I never knew the Bible had all that stuff in it!
Frank The Bible sounds more like a treasure chest than a hope chest.
Sam Hmm, my birthday is coming up soon. I think I'll ask for a Bible.
Mary In the mean time I'd be happy to share my Bible with all of you.
(Julie, Frank and Sam crowd around Mary and they all begin looking at the Bible)