David and the Bully

A modern day David and Goliath story that is common in many schools today. This time David boldly claims Jesus against the Goliath of drugs. (Skit for four persons: Robert, John, David, and Leonard the bully.)
by Valentina Anzueto


Boldness, Courage, David, Reputation, Stand Firm 


Small Box
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Approximately 10 minutes


(Robert is standing by himself in one corner of the stage. John is standing in the opposite corner of the stage holding a small box. Leonard, the bully, first walks up to Robert.)
Leonard: Hey Robert, did you bring it? And this time I don’t want any of your lame excuses.
Robert: I’m sorry, but my mom didn’t give me any money today and you know I don’t like to steal. Please, don’t hit me.
Leonard: What? You got to be joking! I told you that you have to pay, for your own sake. Now you listen here Robert. If you don’t bring the money tomorrow, I’ll hurt you so badly, you’ll never forget it. You better come up with a better plan, even if you do have to steal it from your mommy. Do you understand?
Robert: Yeah sure… I’ll bring you the money tomorrow.
(Leonard, the bully, then walks over and stands next to John)
Leonard: Hey why are you just standing here? How many of those packages did you sell today?
John: I didn’t sell any today. Someone is telling everyone not to buy any.
Leonard: What? How dare he! Who is this kid? Tell me now!
John: Well, I heard his name is David and he is new in town. He just got here a few days ago.
Leonard: So, he thinks he can just come to MY school and do whatever he wants to do? Well, I will teach him a lesson. I’ll show him who’s boss!
(Leonard leaves the stage and Robert walks over to join John. Then David walks up to them.)
David: Hey, how's it going today?
Robert: Not too good. That bully said he was going to hurt me so badly, that I won’t ever forget it!
John: Yeah and he makes me sell these drugs. I can only imagine what will happen to me if I don’t do it.
David: But that isn’t right. You have to tell your parents or your teachers.
Robert: Yeah right! It will be worse if we do that.
David: There has to be a solution. I’ll think of something, but in the meantime, let’s pray. That way, God can take you into His hands and really help you.
John: Pray? I have never prayed before. I don’t even know how to pray.
David: Well, it’s simple. It’s like talking to your best friend, only you talk to God. If you want, we can pray right now.
Robert & John: Sure, let’s do it
David: (Praying) Lord Jesus, thank you for your love and for your protection. Please give us strength to fight against the enemy. Lord, we wait and trust that you will help us find a solution for our problems. We ask this in your name Jesus. Amen.
(Leonard walks up to the tree boys and points a finger at David. Robert and John run off the stage.)
Leonard: So, you must be the one that is ruining my business, huh?
David: What are you talking about? As far as I know, I haven’t ruined your business. I was just talking to them about Jesus.
Leonard: Jesus? Who is that?
David: He is a friend who loves and encourages me. And, he gives me really nice gifts that I don’t even have to pay for.
Leonard: What are you talking about? What do you mean he gives you gifts you don’t have to pay for? Is he rich or something? Hahaha, man, do you think you are a comedian or something!
David: No, I don’t smoke anything, but I do pay him with my obedience and my love.
Leonard: Who is this Jesus? Do I know him? Does he go to this school?
David: Actually, He does come to school. He really cares about the kids here and He really doesn’t like what you are making them do. Besides that, He loves you and understands why you do it. He knows that you have a lot of problems and he knows why you act the way you do.
Leonard: (Folding his arms) Seriously?
David: Yes. But what you don’t know, is that you don’t have to do bad things to be popular. To Jesus, you are already popular. Did you know that He gave you a gift too? In fact, He has many gifts for you, free of charge. All you have to do is receive them.
Leonard: I don’t believe that there is anyone like that. Everyone I know charges me or I have to win whatever I get. No one loves me so much to just give me things.
David: Well, Jesus does. He loves you so much, that he died for you. That is His biggest gift of all.
Leonard: What do you mean he died for me? Are you crazy? No one can die for anyone.
David: No one can, only He did. Jesus died so that you and I could live. Jesus paid the price for our sins. He died so that you and I would be happy and so we wouldn’t have to do bad things.
Leonard: Hmmm, that sounds pretty nice. I honestly didn’t know that there was anyone who loved me that much. I thought I wasn’t worth anything. How can I meet Jesus?
David: Well, if you want to meet him, you’re going to have to learn to live a different way, the way He wants you to live.
Leonard: You’re right, I do have lots of problems and that’s why I act so badly, but I do want to meet this Jesus. Perhaps I can change. Can you help me?
David: Sure, we can start with a prayer. Repeat after me… Lord Jesus, I want to know you.
Leonard: Lord Jesus, I want to know you.
David: I want you to teach me to be a good boy.
Leonard: I want you to teach me to be a good boy.
David: Please come into my heart and save my life. Amen.
Leonard: Please come into my heart and save my life. Amen.
(David leaves the stage, and Robert walks near to Leonard)
Leonard: Hey Robert, come over here, how you doing?
Robert: (Backing off a little) I’m sorry, but I still don’t have the money. Please don’t hit me.
Leonard: (Smiling) No, don’t be afraid, I’m not going to hit you. I'm sorry for the way I treated you. I found out that Jesus loves me and he cares for me. I asked him to come into my heart and he changed me. Now I’m a new person.
Robert: Well, you do seem different.
Leonard: And do you know what? He loves you too and he can help save you like he saved me. Jesus is a friend that never fails.