What Can I Hear?

If we listen carefully we can hear God's small still voice in a big way.
by Scott & Pamela Frazier, The Gate Ministries


Holy Spirit, Knowing God, Listening, Prayer


Tape recorder


Approximately 10 minutes

Boy listening


Take a simple tape recorder around the sanctuary before the service and have about 5-10 people speak a sentence or two 'to the class'. They should be careful not to say their names. Write down for yourself who spoke and in what order.


I have recorded various people speaking, your job as a class is to try to figure out who it is. (Play one voice at a time and let the children try to guess who is speaking.)

How do we really know who is speaking? Does it sound like who we think it is? Are there any other clues in what the person said that will tell us whose voice we are hearing? Are words being spoken that normally come from this person?

Just as we had to listen carefully to figure out who was on the tape, we need to listen carefully to hear the voice of God.