Truth Revealed

A surprising Object Talk the kids can participate in that will show how the Words of Christ became clear after His resurrection.


Easter, Resurrection


White bond paper
White crayon
Food coloring (red if possible)
12 oz. Glass of water, paper towels


Approximately 10 minutes

white crayon and paper


You will write the following message using white crayon on a white piece of paper. 

Jesus rose on the third day

It will appear to the class that there is nothing on the paper. Then, you will loosely fold and dip the paper into a glass of water containing four or five drops of food coloring. After about one minute, you will remove the paper and unfold onto a dry paper towel. The message will become visible. This object talk will compare how Jesus told the disciples that he would be killed and would rise again on the third day. How the disciples did not understand what He was saying until that Sunday morning when He actually rose from the grave. The white message on white paper represents how the disciples could not understand. The red food coloring represents the Lord's shed blood, and how by seeing His death and resurrection, the message became clear.

Option: After the demonstration, you can give paper and crayons to the children so they can write their own message to be revealed and taken home or displayed on the wall after the paper dries. Offer suggestions such as "'Jesus is alive,' 'Jesus Lives,' etc. for possible messages. Make sure the kids press hard with the white crayon to make the message stand out better."


Before Jesus was nailed to the cross, He told his disciples many times what was going to happen to Him. In Matthew 16:21, Jesus told them He would suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests and teachers of the law, and that He must be killed and on the third day be raised to life. His disciples did not understand what He was saying. I have a piece of paper here, with a message. Can you see the message? Nevertheless, there is a message. It is just like when Jesus told the disciples about his resurrection. They could not understand, neither can you see the message on this paper. However, the message became clear for the disciples after they visited the tomb, and found Jesus gone. He rose from the grave, and then the disciples understood. I have a glass of water here. I am going to drop a few drops of food coloring in the water. This represents the blood of Christ that was shed for us. Now, I will place the message into the mixture, and wait for about a minute. Would someone like to count to 60 for me?

(After 60 seconds, remove the paper and lay flat on a paper towel. Have the children come to see the message.) You see, after Jesus died and rose from the grave, the message became clear. He had risen, just as He said.