God's Goodness

Children discover that the good we have comes from God.
by Theresa S.



Confession, Purity


5 large clear cups,
Dropper, 1 tray, coffee filter,
Sand, gravel, charcoal, dirt,
Funnel, pitcher of water


Approximately 10 minutes

pretty pitcher


Do both parts of this object talk on a large tray to catch any spills.

Part 1 - Cup Full of Goodness – (2 large clear cups, pitcher of water, dropper)

Fill one cup of water completely full to the top and maybe even overflowing.

As you fill the cup with water, say, “This represents God's goodness. God’s goodness ever is and ever will be the same fullness.”

Take one dropper full of water from “God’s cup” and put it into another empty cup.

Say, “This represents our goodness. Our goodness comes from God and is always changing. BUT, God’s goodness is never lessened when He gives us goodness.”


Part 2 - God is Pure Goodness – (3 large clear cups, coffee filter, sand, gravel, charcoal, dirt, funnel, water)

Fill two cups with water, one full and the other half way. The full one will represent God’s pure goodness. Add some dirt to the half-filled cup to represent us. Set up the other cup with the funnel, filter, gravel, charcoal and then the sand.

Say, “God is pure, but we have to be purified.”

Explain that you are going to attempt to purify our water and make it as pure as God’s. Pour dirty water through the filter with gravel, charcoal and sand. As the water drips through, ask the children, “Can we purify ourselves and become as good as God?” (No) Why not? (Because no one can be as good as God.)

Ask the kids, “How can we be purified?” (By confessing our sins to God, asking for His forgiveness, accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and asking the Holy Spirit to come and live in us.)