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Cildren's ministry curriculum that covers four key aspects of Daniel's life: Strength, Courage, Humility, and Faith. Daniel's life is a compass on how Christians can live lives that will be pleasing to God.


Don't Stain Your Reputation (Bulletin Board) Click here

Lesson 1 - A Reputation of Strength

Through this Sunday school lesson, children will learn that consistently living a pure and holy life builds a strong, Godly reputation.

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Lesson 2 - A Reputation of Courage

Children will learn that God gives them the courage and encouragement they need to remain obedient to Him, even during tough times, worldly pressures, and persecution.

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Lesson 3 - A Reputation of Being Humble

Children learn that it is best to be humble and honor God, rather than be boastful and act selfishly.

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Lesson 4 - A Reputation of Faith

Children learn that faith is the key to finding courage

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