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Four Christmas lessons to teach children about the marvelous events that took place during the birth of Jesus. 


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Lesson 1 - Gabriel Visits Mary

After completing this Christmas lesson, children will learn that God has great things in store for all of us as we live lives that are pleasing to Him.

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Lesson 2 - Joseph's Dream

This Christmas lesson will teach the children the importance of living a righteous life and how we must always allow God to lead us through the difficult times we will encounter.

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Lesson 3 - Journey to Bethlehem

This Christmas lesson will teach the children that although many things have changed throughout the ages one thing has not changed during all of this time. The good news that Jesus came into this world because God loves us.

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Lesson 4 - Visit of the Magi

This Christmas lesson teaches children that it is natural and expected to worship Jesus. Wise men and women throughout the ages have made Jesus their Lord and Savior.

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