Growing For Jesus

Children grow fast, and they need to grow in the knowledge of the Lord. Kids will participate in making this bulletin board look like a real tree.

Growing for Jesus


Growth, Knowing Jesus, Spiritual Growth


Templates [PDF] Click here
Letter templates Click here
Light blue construction paper for sky
Medium green construction paper for grass
Yellow construction paper for letters (4 inches high)
Yellow construction for sun and border
Red construction paper butterflies
Brown construction paper for tree trunk and limbs


When making the tree trunk, be sure to make long limbs so the kids will have an easier time finding a spot to tape their leaves. To reduce the amount of cutting and brown construction paper, you may want to extend limbs using a brown marker.

tree trunk

Children can gather one or two real leaves each week and tape them to the tree. After a few weeks, the tree will be full of beautiful, colorful and different kinds of leaves. Or, instead of real leaves you can use leaves cut out from colored construction paper using the templates above.

Is it autumn? Use colorful leaves for a fall-time message: Click here