Outreach - North America

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Rachael is a young missionary in Guaymas, Mexico, who uses our site to help prepare Sunday school lessons.

We also support the following churches and children's ministries: Capilla Calvario Las Palmas and Casa Celestial Orphanage in Tecate; Comunidad Sagrada Familia, Tampico; Iglesia cedes ciudad de refugio and Iglesia Rey de Gloria in Tijuana; The Little Chapel in Jalisco; Living Hope International, Puebla; Baptist Church of Guadalajara, Comunidad Cristiana de Los Mochis; and many more.


Several small and new churches in the United States with limited funds benefit from free membership to our websites. Our goal is for children everywhere to have access to the Word of God, through your generousity this is possible.

Here are only a few of the many churches and ministries we support around the country.

Alabama: Nitrate City Community Church,Tuscumbia
Mississippi: Mt Gilead Baptist, Meridian
Pennsylvania: Obedient Life Ministries, Clarion
Michigan: The Sparta Bible Methodist Church