Outreach - Europe

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Evelina is the Director of Children's Ministry at Mathew's Church in Riga, Latvia. Evelina has a loving heart to share the good news of Christ to children through different interesting events for kids, festivals, parties, and games.


Bart is the pastor of a small church in St. Petersburg, Russia. He says the children love using the resources from Kids Sunday School Place. 


Formerly Yugoslavia, here the cost of membership can be equal to about a half month's salary. Children in many churches such as First Baptist Church of Belgrade now enjoy the resources from Kids Sunday School Place thanks to the support of our members.

Eva teaches young people of many different ages and backgrounds in the small town of Stara Pazova, located in Northern Serbia. The town is known for the manufacturing of plastic dishes, but the majority of the people are corn farmers. Children come from many neighboring villages. 


Natalie is a Baptist Missionary from Houston Texas, ministering in Kharkov, Ukraine. She helped to start a Saturday children’s program called “Tomorrow Club,” that includes hobby classes, sports, songs, Bible lessons, and memorization. There are approximately 350 clubs of this type in Ukraine. Another organization we support in the Ukraine is Obedient Life Ministries in Podolsky.