Sample Banners for Links

We welcome all links to our site. If you have a Christian website and would like let others know about us, you can add a simple text link or use one of these colorful banner logos.


logo 215 x 55 logo 175 x 45

215 x 55 pixels

175 x 45 pixels



Let us include a link to your website on our resources links page. If you have a Christian website with Sunday school resources or other useful ideas for children's ministry, and would like to be included in our links section, contact us.

Provide the following information:
1. Brief description of your website
2. Category or categories your website pertains to
3. Contact name and email address
4. Specific URL for linking

You must meet the following criteria:
1. Reciprocal links will be offered only to websites providing a significant amount of free material.
2. The type of resources offered must relate directly to Sunday school or children's ministry.
3. The amount of material must be significant to offer a variety of options.
4. We have the right to accept or refuse any requests for any reason. 

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