The Magi Search for Jesus

(Word Search) After Jesus was born, some very special people paid him a visit. Words from the story are hidden in this word search.


Birth of Christ, Christmas


Word Search for each child [PDF] Click here   Solution
Pencils or markers


Approximately 10 minutes

Three Wisemen


Have the children look up and read Matthew 2:1-12. Then, give each child a pencil or a marker and a copy of the word search puzzle. Key words from the story are hidden within the puzzle and can be found in any direction.

Discussion Questions: (Optional)
1. What were the gifts the Magi brought to Jesus? (Gold, frankincense and myrrh.)
2. How did they know where to find Jesus? (They followed the star.)
3. If you were one of the Magi, what special gift would you give to Jesus and why? (Allow for answers.)