Who Me?

So you want to be a Sunday school teacher? Help for those who have doubts or fears about teaching young children.

What, you have doubts about teaching kids' Sunday school? You do not know if you are cool enough or young enough for the kids to relate to you. You are not sure if you are old enough or wise enough to be able to teach kids effectively. You may not have what it takes to keep the children entertained. Your church may not have the budget to create an eye popping multimedia presentation for children's church each week!

It is okay, you do not have to have all those "things" to be an effective Sunday school teacher. Kids do not need another cool friend. Children need someone who cares, knows their names, encourages them, makes them feel important—someone they can count on who is stable. Above all, kids need someone who has a desire to teach them about God.

  Best Sunday school teacher

Meaningful lessons are not the same thing as entertaining lessons. You do not have to be a stand up comic to be an effective teacher. A well illustrated object lesson or science experiment will remain with kids much longer than a lot of hoopla. Multimedia presentations are fine, but they will soon be forgotten. Draw the kids into the lesson and the group, by helping them become part of the lesson. Include the children as often as possible. Allow them to act out the Bible stories, read the Bible passages, draw on the whiteboards, ask questions, and participate in class discussions. Be encouraging.

You see it does not matter if you are twenty-two or sixty-seven, kids are not hung up by age. If you have a desire to teach children about God you are well on your way to becoming an effective Sunday school teacher. With prayer, a little practice and some planning you can create a Sunday school environment that will make a difference in a lot of children's lives.

So, you want to be a Sunday school teacher, good for you! God has abundant blessings in store for both you and the children!