Community Outreach

A fun, entertaining way to make the local community aware of your children's ministry programs.


Every If you're looking for a exceptional way to reach out to the community, you may want to try an idea we call "Puppets in the Park." If your church has a puppet ministry this is an interesting outreach, if you don't have a puppet ministry, this is a good reason to start one!

Pick a park that has a lot of activities for children, big playgrounds, ponds with ducks to feed, etc. Arrive before the crowds and set up your stage, please note that it's best to create a stage that will surround you. It is also a good idea to have several adult helpers out in the audience to help answer questions and keep children from getting too close to the stage. Your helpers could be dressed as clowns or other interesting types of characters. You will also want a banner or sign close to the stage, which will advertise your church's name, address and phone number.


On with the show! It's nice to have a couple different shows, that way you can do a show, take a break and then do a completely different show. Depending on how long (or successful) you are, you can alternate between the two shows. You'll want to do shows that are fun filled and have a positive message. Don't forget to put a plug in for your church's children programs at the end of the show. You may want to have a stack of the church's business cards available to hand out to interested parents.

* Please note that before embarking on your trip to the park you will want to ensure it's okay with your Pastor and the local park authorities.