Wall Posters

Posters provide a colorful yet inexpensive visual reminder of popular Biblical teachings and can be displayed on your classroom wall or bulletin board.


Give your classroom special interest with colorful posters. Remember to put them in places where they will do the most good. For example, if you want to remind the kids of class rules, place the rules poster in plain view at the front of the class so everyone can review it often. Also remember to keep posters current. Take down old posters that do not support the current lesson or subject.

For durrability, it is best to print posters on medium card stock. However, plain paper works well too. The best thing about mini posters is that you can print them at any time, using standard size paper and with any color printer.

ten commandments1-5Ten Commandments 6-10

For a list of available posters from our Printables section, Click here  


It is really quite easy to produce your own colorful posters or banners. You will need access to a few common items such as a projector, transparency film, poster board, butcher-block paper, markers, and paint.

Simply follow these steps: 
1. Find graphics that fit your theme and print these images on transparency paper. Oftentimes, you can print more than one graphic per transparency. 
2. Tape the poster board or butcher-block paper to a wall. 
3. Using the projector cast the graphic image onto the paper you taped to the wall. You can easily resize the image by either moving the projector closer to or further away from the wall.     
4. Using a black marker trace the outline of the image onto the paper.      
5. Finish by painting the poster or banner using the graphic you initially selected as a guide.