Classroom Decor

Is your classroom inviting to children?

Classroom decor should be geared towards kids. It doesn't have to be an amusement park, unless of course that is in your budget! A little imagination goes a long way. Try to think at the child's level and make it interesting for them. Christian posters, brightly colored "Welcome" signs, freshly painted walls, inviting attendance charts, candy trees (for rewards), and other creative wall or ceiling decorations. Old sheets can be transformed into banners for the cause of Christ. Whenever possible let the kids help decorate, they will want to show others the cool room that they have helped create.

Create an exciting bulletin board to go with your lesson series, or frame you whiteboard or chalkboard with an interesting monthly theme. These can be made easily out of construction paper, cardboard, and other craft materials. Giants, Arks, Armor of God, Bible Heroes, Bible Villains, and more can surround you board. 

Have an old trunk? Turn it into a treasure chest, then fill it with Bibles. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21) Kids who forget their Bibles or don't have one can borrow one from the treasure chest.

Bring in a portable CD player to play their favorite Christian music. Portable CD players are also a great way to illustrate sound effects during stories. Add a microphone and you or the kids turn into roving reporters. Remember the first impression can be the most important. Make it count, make it fun!

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