Child of God

An Object Talk that will have the kids talking about their Heavenly Father.


Child of God, God's Love, Self-Worth


Shoe box with lid
Square mirror


Approximately 5 minutes

girl with mirror


Fasten mirror to the bottom of the inside of a shoe box. Decorate shoe box as desired.


You will tell the children you have a picture of one of God’s children inside the box. You will have them come up one by one and look inside the box. When they look inside, the children will indeed see a child of God when they look in the mirror.


In this box, I have a very special picture. The reason it is so special is because it is a picture of someone who is very important to God. You may know this person, but I'm not sure.

I want each of you come up when I call your name, and take a look inside the box. Then, without saying a word, go back and sit down. Don't say anything until everyone has had a chance to look inside the box. Then, I will ask if anyone knows who the person is.

After everyone has looked inside, ask the following questions:

1. Who did you see inside the box?
2. Did you think it was going to be you?
3. Did you know that you are a child of God and special to Him?
4. How many different pictures were in the box?
5. Who is your Heavenly Father?