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Born Again

New life as a Christian, rebirth, saved (See also Christianity, salvation)

"I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again." John 3:3

Bulletin Boards

Heavenly Steps to Salvation

Take the children along a heavenly path to salvation by starting with hearing the Word of God and ending with living a new life for Jesus.

Salvation Railroad

All aboard the Salvation Railroad! A quick reminder of the different steps every child should understand before being baptized. You can easily create this bulletin board using basic shapes.


My Beautiful Heart

A craft to help children understand how their hearts can become "beautiful" and acceptable to God.


Quick Change Artist

A game of fashion, speed, and spiritual renewal.



A five part lesson series designed specifically for those students who are ready to receive Jesus into their hearts, or who are starting to ask questions about being baptized. The goal of this series is to help such children realize that the decision to accept Jesus is something they need to do on their own and that in doing so they can have New Life in Christ.

Source of New Life

After completing this Sunday school lesson, the children will understand what it means to be "Born Again"

Object Talks

Filthy Rags

Can we, being like filthy rags, ever become completely clean? With Jesus we can!

Fully Cleansed

It takes more than doing good things to be born again, it takes the cleansing blood of Jesus.


God uses many things in life to equip us for His purposes

Wash Away Sin

No matter how much we have sinned, Jesus can wash all our sins away.

What's in Your Heart?

The love of Jesus can transform an ugly sinful heart into a sweet caring heart.


Are We Different?

A school mate discovers it does make a difference how we live and how we act as Christians. (Skit for three.)