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An order given by God, the Ten Commandment, God's Laws

"Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man." Ecclesiastes 12:13b


Follow the Rules

Following the rules is very important. We must be careful. Sometimes we overlook the obvious.

Ten Commandment Quiz

How well do the children know the Ten Commandments? This little quiz will be enlightening.

Warning Signs

This activity will compare warning signs the children see everyday with warnings found in the Bible. Warning signs we see help us be safe, but warning signs from God help us in many more ways.


Remain in My Love

If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Fatherís commands and remain in his love. (John 15:10)


Ten Commandments

(Certificate of Achievement) Give this attractive certificate to students who memorize all ten of the Ten Commandments in the correct order.


God's Law

The children will create a display of the Ten Commandments.


The Missing Commandment

This memory challenge will test the children's skills by having them identify a missing commandment. When they finally do, it will be a real treat.


Instructions and Commands

In this first lesson, the children will learn that paying close attention to and obeying instructions, especially those given by parents and teachers is important to build character and to please God.

Obey God Completely (Saul)

After completing this lesson, the children will understand the importance of following God's commands completely, and by doing so receive many blessings and joy.

The Law Matters

Obeying Godís law is part of justification.

The Ten Commandments

Children will learn that we have all sinned and fallen short of God's plans for us, but through faith in Jesus our sins are forgiven.

Worship Only God (Golden Calf)

After completing this lesson, the children will understand how much God wants them to worship Him, and Him alone.

Object Talks

How Much Does Sin Weigh?

Godís Law shows us how truly we fall short of His glory.

World Without Rules

A world without rules would be chaotic, just as a game without rules would be pointless.


The Ten Commandments

These two posters bring to life the Ten Commandments as if written long ago on parchment. Great for memorizing the Ten Commandments in the order given to Moses.


Teachings From Proverbs

(Crossword) A quick walk through Proverbs to discover the benefits of heeding instruction.


Time For Commandments

A humorous skit about a little girl and her dog learning the Ten Commandments. (Skit for five)


Commandments Are A Loving Gift

Commandments are a loving gift. Sung to the tune of ďJesus Loves MeĒ.

Ten Commandments Rap

This clever song will help the children learn the Ten Commandments, and can be sung to a variety of rap beats.