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Great ideas for celebrating Birthdays in your Sunday school class



Every child likes to feel special. Birthdays and graduations are great times to recognize your students.


Gifts of Love

An activity about showing forgiveness to others, as a true act of Godly love.

Giving and Receiving

It is important to give generously, but it is also important to receive with thanksgiving in your heart. This activity will help kids learn both.

Bulletin Boards

Perfect Gifts

All Spiritual Gifts are given to us from God, for the building up of the Church. This bulletin board shows how each gift is precious.


Hairy Heart

A wacky air freshener craft to remind the children how their love for Jesus is like sweet smelling fragrance.

Love and Kindness Coupons

Not only a craft, but also a thoughtful gift for someone special. Easy to assemble but packed with love and kindness.

Object Talks

Living Invitations

Children love to get invitations to birthday parties. This object talk teaches that God wants us to be living invitations.


Happy Birthday Postcards

Postcards to tell students happy birthday


One Kid's Treasure

(Storybook Available) A story about one young man's discovery about everlasting love.