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Great lessons and ideas to use during the Thanksgiving holidays in your Sunday School class. Celebrate Thanksgiving with Jesus. 


Bursting With Blessings

This activity uses our "Bursting For a Verse" teaching aid to assign various verses for the children to look up to learn about blessings from God.

Give Praise Where Praise Is Due

The children will learn the reverence in giving God praise and thanks.

Giving and Receiving

It is important to give generously, but it is also important to receive with thanksgiving in your heart. This activity will help kids learn both.

Thank You Notes

It is always important to thank those who have helped us.

Bulletin Boards

Consider God's Wonders

With this colorful bulletin board, children take time to stop and consider God's many wonders, as suggested in Job 37:14

God is Good

A very colorful bulletin board to show thanksgiving to God for all the great things He provides.


Be Thankful

Kids make a beautiful flower to remind them to be thankful for all God does.

Don't Worry, Be Thankful

Kids make a field of flowers to show the many blessings they have from God.

Thanksgiving Basket

A simple yet colorful basket the children can enjoy filling with Godís provisions.


Bible Turkey Hunt

A fun Thanksgiving game for kids that involves patience, teamwork and using the Bible.


Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

Godís healing power is demonstrated throughout this lesson. Additionally, children learn the importance of praising Him with a thankful heart.


Stand-alone lessons that teach children we should give thanks to God with a joyful heart for all that He provides.


One Out of Ten

This skit teaches children to exercise their faith and give praise to the Lord. (Skit for two or eleven.)