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Large-scale disease, calamity, or destruction especially sent by God

"Who can comprehend the power of your anger? Your wrath is as awesome as the fear you deserve." Psalm 90:11 NLT


What Brings God's Wrath?

Search through the Bible to discover why God pours out his wrath on some.


Pharaoh's Last chance

This Sunday school lesson teaches children to look for God's warnings about bad behavior and how we can benefit when we listen to and obey God.


The Passover

This is a skit about three families during the time God sent the tenth and most devastating plague to Egypt, when Pharaoh finally let His people go. (Skit for nine)


The Plague Song

(Audio Available) A catchy little song about the plagues of Egypt that can be sung to the tune of "This Old Man". Music by Rich Nelson Music