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Man of God who built an ark to save his family and animals from a great flood

"But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD." Genesis 6:8


Interview With Noah

What was it like to be aboard the ark? Let’s ask Noah!

Size Up the Ark

Children visit the great outdoors to visualize the size of Noah’s ark.

Bulletin Boards

Noah's Ark

God protects Noah and the animals aboard the ark as the rain falls and the waters flood the earth. Great for preschool.

The Safest Way

There is safety in living a Godly life. Noah is the perfect example of this because he was righteous and therefore saved from the flood by God.


Noah Says

In this version of “Simon Says,” dogs bark and beg, cats meow and lick their paws, and ducks quack and waddle



During this five-week series on the life of Noah, children learn that the Lord watches over the righteous, but those who disregard God will perish.


How Noah Did It

(Word Fill-in) A word puzzle to help the kids discover what it really took for Noah to build the ark.


Man Named Noah

A fun song about Noah during the time of the great flood. Sung to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies' Theme Song."