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One of the twelve sons of Jacob, sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Also, Joseph, husband of Mary.

"The LORD was with Joseph so that he prospered, and he lived in the house of his Egyptian master." Genesis 39:2


History Mystery - Young Joseph

Children put the Biblical events about Joseph and his angry, jealous brothers in chronological order.


Seven Good Years - Seven Bad Years

Children create a colorful grain silo to demonstrate the seven good years and seven bad years during the time of Joseph.


Joseph's Dream

This Christmas lesson will teach the children the importance of living a righteous life and how we must always allow God to lead us through the difficult times we will encounter.

Journey to Bethlehem

This Christmas lesson will teach the children that although many things have changed throughout the ages one thing has not changed during all of this time. The good news that Jesus came into this world because God loves us.

Love is Forgiving

In this lesson, the children will learn how to choose love and forgiveness over getting even, through the Old Testament Bible story of Joseph.


In this four lesson series, children learn that Joseph wholeheartedly followed the Lord no matter the circumstances, and that in each case God worked it out for the good of Joseph.

Object Talks

Pages of My Life

It's the quality that counts, not the quantity.


Joseph's Jealous Brothers

(Crossword) An easy crossword puzzle using key words from the story of Joseph and his jealous brothers.

Twleve Brothers

(Word Search) Joseph was one of twelve brothers, who became the twelve tribes of Israel. All twelve names are hidden in this word search.


Power of Forgiveness

The story of Joseph, the broken video game, and the power of forgiveness. (Skit for one or two)