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John the Baptist

A messenger who prepared the way for the Messiah.

"In those days John the Baptist came, preaching in the Desert of Judea." Matthew 3:1


Compared to John

Children compare some of the facts surrounding their birth with those of John the Baptist and discover how they are both children of God.


Mission Assignment

Children get creative to learn about the mission and purpose God had for John the Baptist.

Preaching and Believing

Children learn firsthand how difficult it was for some people to believe the message John the Baptist preached.



This series explores the character of John the Baptist and his mission to prepare the way for Jesus. These lessons also help the children understand that God has given them a special purpose in life.

The Cost of Serving Jesus

In this lesson, children will learn the cost John the Baptist paid to serve Christ. Students will also learn what it means for us to deny ourselves and take up our crosses.

Object Talks

Refreshing Water

We use water for many things, and it can be quite refreshing to drink. However, John the Baptist used water in a special way to prepare the way for Jesus.


Who is John the Baptist?

(Word Scramble) Children look up verses and unscramble words to discover other names and descriptions given to John the Baptist.


In the River Jordan

A mildly humorous song about John the Baptist at the River Jordan. Sung to tune of "Bicycle Built for Two."