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Just for Fun

Here are some fun ideas you can use at any time to keep things lively in your Sunday school class, Children's Church, or Bible study.



The children pop up and down while learning a new Bible verse.

Story Telling

Jokes and Riddles

Just for a little fun, here are some clean wholesome jokes and riddles to enjoy. Do you have a favorite joke or riddle? Feel free to share it with us.


Christmas Scramble

In this fun puzzle activity students will race to create as many words as possible using the letters in “Merry Christmas.”

Do the Shuffle

In this review activity, children scramble to uncover key words from the Bible story.

Rainbow Write Review

A colorful way of repetitively writing a Bible verse that aids visual learners and helps students successfully memorize a verse.

Sticky Scripture

A fun way to memorize Bible verses using sticky notes.


Picture It All For Jesus

Kids use items from home to make a personalized three-dimensional picture that will help remind them how to live for Jesus.

Stick Puppets

Stick puppets can be used for many short skits or role plays. Instead of the kids reading their parts, let them act them out with these simple but exciting puppets.

Tin Man

Creativity flourishes with this craft that has endless applications.

Verse Pennant

An excellent Bible craft kids can use to remember their favorite verse from the Bible.


Bible Character Tag

A fun fast paced game, that builds memorization skills.

Bible Trivia

Here are some true or false questions of moderate difficulty to use for playing many Bible trivia games.

Build It and Win It

Children memorize scripture by constructing a tower.

Character Chase

Fast paced action as children chase the names of Bible characters

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Fun for kids of all ages, where recognizing the three persons of the trinity keeps you in the game.

Follow the Leader Extreme

Similar to the classic game "Follow the Leader" but a bit more challenging.

In the Tomb, Out of the Tomb

Kids love this energy burning game. It can be adjusted to fit many different topics and themes.

Know Your Sheep

Children learn how well shepherds knew their sheep while playing a listening game.

Musical Chairs Bible Verse

A fun variation of the game musical chairs that makes everyone a winner as they memorize their Bible verse.

Noah Says

In this version of “Simon Says,” dogs bark and beg, cats meow and lick their paws, and ducks quack and waddle

Pick the Leader

A mind challenging funny game to see how people easily follow what others do.

Ready, Set, Squeeze

A lively, fun, and fast-paced game where preparation produces a winning team while teaching children to be prepare for the return of Jesus.

Red Light, Green Light Obstacle Course

An interesting variation of the classic children's game "Red Light, Green Light"

Room Search

No matter where we run or try to hide, God knows where we are, because He is right there with us.

Serve the One True God

Children will have fun learning about different ways to serve God.

Sound the Alarm

In this game, similar to "Red Light, Green Light," the children will have fun showing their crawling skills while learning about the Lord's Army.

Sunday School Spelling Bee

A spelling bee is used to help students remember key words used in Sunday school lessons.

Treasure Hunt

A fun game that can be used for many different lessons.

Walk of Obedience

Children race to solve puzzles, answer questions, and obey the rules.

What Am I Doing?

Children use actions and descriptions to get their teammates to guess what they are doing.

Who Am I?

Children race against time and other teams to correctly decipher who I am.


Unlikely Bible Heroes

(Word Scramble) God often uses ordinary people to accomplish great things for His purpose. In this puzzle, children unscramble the names of some unlikely Bible heroes.

What Am I?

(Riddle) Children are given eight questions to try and slove a riddle. Which student will answer the riddle with the fewest clues?

What Can You See?

(Visual Puzzle) Find out if the kids can see the name of Jesus and a picture of Him when they close their eyes with these optical puzzles. Also a great object lesson to introduce prayer and quiet time.


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