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Object Talks

Object Talks use familiar items to help get the Word of God into the hearts of children. Great for Sunday School classes, Bible lessons, worship time, and children's sermons. More information

Cactus Needles

A cactus has needles for protection, but we have the protection of God

Child of God

An Object Talk that will have the kids talking about their Heavenly Father.

Clean Again

This object talk helps children understand Godís love for them.

Crumbling Walls

When we place our faith in God, even the biggest problems crumble.

Damaged Verses Undamaged

A godly reputation is only as good as the promises we keep. When we break our promises, we become damaged and untrustworthy.

Don't Hide Your Light

Children learn the importance of using the tools God gives us and how to be a light to those around us.