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Action packed Christian Games to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God. More Information

Search for Jesus

A fun yet simple game for younger children about searching for baby Jesus.

Sticky Good Things

The children will identify good things that follow Jesusí example.

Still Too Many

Children scramble to be the one with a balloon, or become eliminated from Gideon's army.

Storing Up the Wheat

Children race to be the first team to store up seven years of grain.

Team Army Crawl

In this simple race, the children will have fun showing their crawling skills and working as a team to reach the finish line.

Teamwork Hand Off

The children will work together in this fast-past game, while learning how teamwork helps them serve Jesus.

The Chase

Children pretend Saul is chasing David as David runs for his life!

The Friend Race

Each child will work with a friend to win a race.

The Good Shepherd and the Wolf

Can the good shepherd catch the wolf in time to save the sheep?

The Mat Race

A game where teams use a little skill and a mat to get the job done.

The Quiet Game

A challenging game to see who can keep the quietest.

Three Wise Builders

Children will play a game to remind them to be wise builders and build their lives around Jesus.

Trust Hopscotch

The children play a game to remind them to trust God.

Turkey Hunt

A fun Thanksgiving game for young children that involves patience and teamwork.