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Action packed Christian Games to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God. More Information

Gleaning the Field

The children will race to gather wheat pieces and learn about gleaning.

Go Fish

Children learn what it means to be fishers of men, with this classic card game.

God Calls You!

In this game, children find Saul as he tries to hide behind some baggage, and learn that bravery means answering the call of God.

God Says...

A fun game similar to Simon Says that will help the children learn to put Jesus first.

God's Forgiving Heart

This game teaches children that Godís forgiving heart never runs out of love.

Gospel Relay

The children will play a game about the importance of working together to share the good news of Jesus.

Guard The Heart

The children will learn to guard their hearts from sin.

Guess the Vegetable

Children are introduced to good habits in this fun guessing game.

Guess Who?

A fun game that helps children recognize that God created each of us in a very special way

Hard Work Pays Off

Children pretend to pick up grain like Ruth to learn how good it is to work for the Lord.

Head to Heart Tag

A fun variation of tag that will remind kids that the head and the heart have to stay connected in our faith.

Help Me, Brother!

The children will help one another complete an obstacle course.

Helper Ball

This game will help children practice coming up with ways to help in different situations.

Hop In the Spirit

Children learn the nine characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit while playing a fun, interactive game.

Hop To It

A fun variation of hopscotch game for children to help them memorize their Bible verse and get out some wiggles.

Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

A relay race game to help the children understand what it means to hunger and thirst for righteousness.