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Action packed Christian Games to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God. More Information

Everyday Armor

Children learn the importance of putting on the full Armor of God, as they would dress warmly for a cold winter's day.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Fun for kids of all ages, where recognizing the three persons of the trinity keeps you in the game.

Fear No Evil

The children will have fun playing a fun, musical game similar to a cakewalk.

Find the Baby

In this activity, children will play a fun game of “Hide & Seek” to find the Baby Jesus using stars as clues just as the wise men did.

Find the Lost Lambs

Children search all around the classroom to find the lost lambs and bring them back to God.

Flying Dove

An action game that will have children flying around the room.

Follow Jesus

In this version of “Simon Says,” children must carefully watch for Jesus before following any command.