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Action packed Christian Games to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God. More Information

Caterpillar Chase

God will be our guide when we choose to follow close to Him.

Children of Abraham

Children will be tickled to know they are included in Abrahamís count.

City of David

Children try to run into the City of David before getting caught.

Collecting Wisdom

Children are introduced to the keys for obtaining wisdom through interactive play.

Colors of Salvation

Children search for the correct color as they remember the steps for preaching the Gospel.

Colors of the Rainbow

A colorful game that will have the kids scrambling for a seat on Noah's Ark.


A simple little game where children work together to quickly share a piece of color.

Crossing the Red Sea

Children imagine what it would be like to cross the red sea in this fast paced game

Crown the King

Children get to participate in crowning the new king.

Do We Match?

Children eagerly move around the room trying to find their matching animal.

Does it Please the Lord?

Like the familiar game "Mother May I?" but with a Biblical twist.

Does Jesus Love Me?

A simple, fast-paced, happy game to help kids share the love of Jesus

Dressed and Ready

Children quickly get dressed to show how they can listen and be ready for when Jesus returns.