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Action packed Christian Games to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God. More Information

A Chair for a Crown

Children play musical chairs for a chance to discover how special they are to Jesus and how much He loves them.

A New Me

The children will enjoy a card game while learning how to become new in Christ.

All Our Love

The children will play a memory game as a reminder that God deserves all our love, for He is jealous when we love other things more than Him.

Always Follow God

Children scramble to show how quickly they can follow God.

Are You Ananias?

Children pretend they are Saul after becoming blind on the road to Damascus, and try to find Ananias.

Balloon Race

The children race to organize balloons while learning about good and bad choices.

Beanbag Fairness

In this game, children have fun earning points as they learn about fairness.

Birth Of Jesus - Guess What's Missing?

Children learn the Christmas story by playing an interactive guessing game.

Bring the Cross to Paul

A game similar to "Pin the tail on the donkey," instead the children have fun helping Paul become strong in his faith by giving him the cross.