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Action packed Christian Games to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God. More Information

Obey Hide-And-Seek

The children play a game that encourages them to “find” ways to obey!

Oh Poor Jonah!

A good energy burner that teaches an important lesson.

Pass The Baton

Leadership changes hands quickly in this action packed game.

Pick Up Manna and Quail

A game to see how quickly the children can gather manna and quail, like the Israelites did when God provided for them in the wilderness.

Pillow Bridge

The children will use pillows to visually demonstrate Jesus bridging the gap between sin and God.

Pin the Rock on Goliath

A new spin on a old game. Are the kids as brave as David?

Plague of Frogs

A crazy fast paced game where Pharaoh hopelessly tries to catch all the frogs.

Pool Noodle Race

The children will race to learn about persecution.