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Bible Activities that keep preschool aged children interested as they learn and grow Spiritually. Great for Sunday School, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

Magnet Discovery Room

The children will discover materials that attract magnets.

Mary or Martha?

An activity where children pretend to be a worshipper, like Mary, or a worker, like Martha.

Matching Hearts

The children will match ways to serve God with all of their hearts.

Mixed Up Builder

An activity that helps children recognize different shapes and improves hand-eye coordination.

Most Important

Children discover there are many important things, but nothing is more important than Jesus.

Move On Down the Line

Children will practice giving without expectations of receiving something in return.

Musical Instrument Petting Zoo

The children will explore playing musical instruments and worshiping God.

My God, What Do You See?

A fun activity that helps children understand that God sees everything.

My Help Comes From The Lord

Children learn that their help comes from the Lord, while decorating Psalm 121:2a.

Needs Verses Wants

This activity will help children learn the difference between a need and a want.

Nehemiah Stands Firm

The children will enjoy a cut and paste activity to remind them that despite difficult times, they can stand firm and believe the impossible.

Noah Matches Up the Animals

Children help Noah pair up the animals with this fun activity.

Number One

(Coloring Activity) Children race to finish their activity first while learning that sometimes being first is last and being last is first.