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A three lesson series covering the Beatitudes that allows children to discover how to live lives that are spiritually blessed.


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Lesson 1 - Spiritual Humility

In this first of three lessons on the Beatitudes, the children will discover how blessed they can be when they live lives that are spiritually humble according to the words of Jesus. Memory Work - Matthew 4:17b; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Matthew 5:1-6. 

Application: In the beatitudes, Jesus teaches us the real meaning of having spiritual character and being children of God. We need to accept that we are poor spiritually, no matter how much money we have. We should be meek and humble before God, and we will inherit the promised new earth. And most of all, if our hearts are right with God, He will fill our spirits with an everlasting joy that is much better than what we get from material things.

Lesson 2 - Spiritual Character

In this second of three lessons on the Beatitudes, the children will discover that spiritual character goes beyond just being Christians. It means we care about others even more than ourselves. Memory Work - Philippians 2:3; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Matthew 5:7-9.

Application: As Christians, we must have spiritual character that will easily identify us as believers in Christ. We do not just show mercy and kindness to those who need physical things like food and clothing, but we must also show mercy and kindness by meeting people’s spiritual needs. Share the good news to those who do not know God.

Purity in heart comes easily if we feed our mind with God’s word, and not the junk of this world. But it’s an inside thing, not the way we look on the outside. So clean up your thoughts.

We become peacemakers when we act how Jesus did when He was with other people. Forgive them, love them and enjoy them, because we are all God’s creation. But most of all we are peacemakers when we introduce others to the love of Jesus, so they too can have the peace that comes from being one of God's children.

Lesson 3 - Spiritual Strength

In this last lesson of the series on the Beatitudes, the children will discover how Christians can be faithful and strong in what they believe, even when being persecuted and mocked by those who do not believe. They will learn that this strength and hope to stand against evil is one of God's greatest gifts. Memory Work - 2 Timothy 3:12; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Matthew 5:10-12.

Application: God's promise of blessings and rewards is sometimes hard to understand. We know about physical rewards that we can see and touch, but these are gifts that the world offers. We can buy them, like bicycles and boats, or get them as gifts like "sweaters" but these things will fade away. Over time, they will decay. No toy lasts forever. Even antiques will someday no longer exist. Eventually, every physical thing is destroyed by rain, floods, fire, or even moths. Some relationships, or friendships can also end, such as when people move away, or when a pet dies. But God's love for us is everlasting, and nothing can take that away from us if we stand firm to what we believe.

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