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Lessons covering some of the many parables Jesus used to teach spiritual truths to His followers. You can use these lessons as stand-alones, or as a series.


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Lesson 1 - The Unmerciful Servant

After finishing this lesson children will see that we need to forgive others just as God forgives us. Memory Work - Matthew 18:21-22; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Matthew 18:21-35. 

Application: God loves us very much and forgives us when we sin. God wants us to know that if we harden our hearts and won't forgive others, it hurts them and it also hurts us. An unforgiving heart becomes bitter and it then becomes hard for the bitter hearted person to enjoy other happy times in their lives. If we follow God and learn from His Word, we should forgive others as God forgives us.

Lesson 2 - The Ten Vergins

This lesson teaches the importance of spiritual activity and self-examination. Memory Work - 1 John 2:28; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Matthew 25:1-13.

Application: God forgives us when we honestly and whole heartily tell Him that we are sorry. That is called repentance. We must do our part to follow and obey God. We need to believe God's promises; that's called faith. We must not become lazy, but should make every effort to grow in our knowledge of God and then live our lives according to the knowledge God gives us. That's called wisdom.

Lesson 3 - The Lost Sheep

Through this lesson children will gain an understanding of God's love for all mankind. Memory Work - John 3:16; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Matthew 18:10-14, Luke 15:1-7.

Application: God loves us very much and He cares for us. He doesn't want any of us to be lost. He sent His Son Jesus to pay the price for our sins and to save the lost. Jesus is our Good Shepherd. When we repent for our sins and believe in Jesus, we will no longer be lost, and there will be much rejocing in Heaven.

Lesson 4 - The Prodigal Son

With this lesson the children will have a good idea of what matters in life. The choice between material possessions or relationship will determine how they would want to live their lives, and hopefully, it will make them realize that a life full of materialism cannot fulfill an empty heart. Memory Work - Isaiah 53:6; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Luke 15:11-32.

Application: People can have so much wealth and knowledge, that they live their lives in their own control and sometimes think of themselves as superior because of their possessions. They fill their empty hearts with things but eventually realize that they are still unfulfilled. The only way to have true rich life is to live under the guidance and love of our Lord Jesus.

Lesson 5 - The Good Samaritan

Through this lesson, children will learn that at times we may have to make sacrifices in our own lives in order to help others. Jesus wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Memory Work - Matthew 22:37-39. Scripture Reading and Discussion - Luke 10:25-37.

Application: If we know what we are to do and then we don't do it, it is a sin. Commonly called the sin of omission. When we put the needs of others before ourselves we become less selfish and become more like Jesus. Jesus is our perfect example. He gave up everything; He left Heaven and even gave His life to help us. Look for opportunities to serve others, and you'll soon find that everyone involved will benefit from your kindness.

Lesson 6 - The Wise and Foolish Builders

Through this lesson, children will learn that when Jesus is our Lord, we follow His teachings and will do what He tells us. Memory Work - James 1:5-7; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Matthew :24-27, Luke 6:46-49.

Application: It would be foolish to join a team and then not go to the practices or show up for the games. It would be ridiculous to buy an expensive grand piano and then not play it. Likewise we would be fools to call Jesus Lord and then not do what He tells us to do. When we read God's word and do what it says, our lives will have a strong foundation.

Lesson 7 - The Pearl of Great Value

Through this lesson children will learn why it is important that we live our lives for the Lord. Memory Work - Psalm 90:12; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Matthew 13:45-46.

Application: Living for the world has its attractions, but we would be fools to live for the temporary things the world has to offer. Nothing can compare to the wonderful gift God has given to believers, the gift of eternal life through His son Jesus Christ.

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