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This series explores the character of John the Baptist and his mission to prepare the way for Jesus. These lessons also help the children understand that God has given them a special purpose in life.

Lesson 1 - The Birth of John the Baptist

In this lesson, children learn about the miracles and events surrounding the birth of John the Baptist. This lesson will also help the children understand that even before they were born, God gave them a purpose in life. Memory Work - Luke 1:76; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Luke 1:11-25, 57-66. 

Application: Everyone knew that God's hand was with John the Baptist, even before his birth. People saw many miracles unfolding before them. First, they saw and heard how Zechariah was unable to speak when he came out of the temple after speaking with the angel, Gabriel. Next, they rejoiced when Elizabeth miraculously became pregnant in her old age. Then, they witnessed how Zechariah could speak again right after he confirmed the baby's name. All the people in the area were filled with wonder and knew God had some very important plans for this little child. God also chose you for a reason. Like John the Baptist, He knew what your name would be. He knew what color your hair and eyes would be. He knew how tall you would become. He even knew who would raise you. God had every day of your life written out before you were borns.

Lesson 2 - Preparing the Way

In this lesson, children will discover how God called John the Baptist to prepare the way for the Messiah. Children will also learn that God calls them to prepare the way for others to know Jesus. Memory Work - Matthew 3:11; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Matthew 3:1-11, Luke 3:1-18.

Application: God called John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus. People needed to make a change in their hearts in order to enter God's Kingdom. John told the people that being children of Abraham was not enough. They also had to admit that they were sinners and then repent. John's baptism symbolized the change in the hearts of the people, and showed that they were ready for the Messiah who would bring actual forgiveness. After we receive Jesus into our hearts, we are baptized in obedience to Him for the forgiveness of our sins and to walk a new life. 

Lesson 3 - The Cost of Serving Jesus

In this lesson, children will learn the cost John the Baptist paid to serve Christ. Students will also learn what it means for us to deny ourselves and take up our crosses. Memory Work - Matthew 16:24; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Mark 6:14-29.

Application: Many people have been persecuted or even martyred for serving Jesus. They died standing up for the Truth. Some places imprison or even execute followers of Christ. Is the cost of following Jesus worth it to you? At your age, you may not leave your family to travel the world to share the Good News with others, but you might when you are older. However, there are still things that you can do right now to stand up for Christ. Just because you are young doesn’t mean you can’t do big things for God.

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