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The book of Proverbs is rich in Godly wisdom, commands, discipline and insight. Those who put it's words into practice are on their way to living lives that will please God.


Wisdom of Proverbs (Bulletin Board)

Lesson 1 - Insgriuctions and Cammands

In this first lesson, the children will learn that paying close attention to and obeying instructions, especially those given by parents and teachers is important to build character and to please God. Memory Work - Proverbs3:1-3; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Proverbs 3:1-2; 13:1, 10, 13, 18; 17:25; 22:17-19.

Application: Instructions and commands are like directions, or rules. Instructions and commands from the Bible, such as those found in Proverbs, can guide us down the path that leads straight to a godly life. However, simply knowing what the Bible says is not enough. We also need to obey the instructions and commands we find in the Bible. We need to keep them close to our hearts, and make them a big part of our lives. Then our reward is great. We will gain wisdom and honor, and a full life. We will be pleasing to God and a joy to our parents and a blessing to other people we come to know. 

Lesson 2 - Friends to Keep

The book of proverbs also gives us wise advice and warnings about who we have as friends. In this lesson the children will learn the importance of choosing friends wisely, and how they might be influenced, either good or bad, by the friends they keep. Memory Work - Proverbs 13:20; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Proverbs 13:20; 14:22; 15:3, 18:24.

Application: We should be careful in choosing friends. We need friends who will be a good influence on us, but most of all who will help us grow in our faith in Jesus Christ. Also, as a friend, we should be a good influence by encouraging and helping others, especially our friends. The way we relate to others will show how Jesus lives in us. 

Lesson 3 - The Way of the Sluggard

In this lesson from Proverbs, the children learn that being lazy or neglecting responsibility has no rewards. They will discover how the Bible also exposes common excuses. The warnings are clear; no one escapes the consequences of laziness. Memory Work - Proverbs 13:4; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Proverbs 10:4; 12:24; 13:4; 14:23; 15:19, 18:9; 22:29, 26:16.

Application: We cannot be perfect all the time, but remember, where there is time to play, there is also a time to work. We must pay attention to those times when we need to do chores, help others, and spend time studying or doing homework. Sometimes, when we desire something, we need to think first that maybe we can earn the money to buy it. We can do extra chores at home, or cut the neighbor's grass or even recycle bottles. Parents don’t normally have all the money in the world to buy whatever you want. However, if you work for it, you can be rewarded with what you really desire. Remember also that too many excuses can be a bad thing. The Bible warns us about the sluggard who is constantly giving an excuse for being lazy. In the end, a lazy person like this winds up with nothing.

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